RS Industrial: Biodegradable adhesive dots

RS Industrial, Inc. announces the ECO-Squares™, the first-ever adhesive dots conscientiously developed from biodegradable materials.

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Pw 75026 Eco Squares

ECO-Squares™ aid in accomplishing a truly sustainable product, including the adhesive used to hold it together.

During 34 days of bio-methane potential testing, 35% biodegradation of ECO-Squares™ is shown to occur in an anaerobic environment. ECO-Squares™ create less waste through biodegradation and are formulated in a high tack level, making it possible for customers to enjoy high-performance adhesion without compromising the environment.

Unlike hot melts that require heat during application, ECO-Squares™ reduce the risk for burns, offering employees increased safety. The absence of heat also provides customers with long-term savings by decreasing energy costs and down time in their facilities.

There is no “greenwashing” with the release of ECO-Squares™, but rather factual claims backed by scientific data that can be viewed at

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