Michelman: Food contact compliant overprint varnish

Used to enhance appearance and protect printed materials, Michelman’s DigiGuard Gloss 310 protective overprint varnish for flexible packaging printing applications is designed to be used over HP Indigo Electroinks applied on HP Indigo digital presses, protecting and enhancing the appearance of inks used on f/f/s packaging applications.

DigiGuard Gloss 310 meets the European Plastic Implementing Measure (PIM) for food contact. Outside Europe, the company offers DigiGuard Gloss 110 that meets FDA food contact requirements.

DigiGuard Gloss 310 offers good slip, allowing easy feed of the coated web, and is resistant to heat from the heat sealing operation. A drying temperature of 60°C or above will ensure that optimum heat resistance of the coating is achieved. It can be applied via flexo, gravure, or roll coater or on a separate varnishing/finishing station.

DigiGuard brand varnishes are applied in liquid form over the digital print and then require some form of drying or curing. During this process, the liquid overprint varnish hardens and then offers protection against physical and chemical damage.

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