CTI: Food-temperature sensitive ink for consumer product labeling

Helping to reduce food-borne illnesses, Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has developed patent-pending ‘reveal inks’ that provide a “return to fridge” reminder that appears on packaging when the product – such as milk, yogurt, salsa, pickles, and ketchup – starts to warm up and can become vulnerable to spoilage

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When the temperature is fine, the reminder is ‘off.’ When the package is getting warm, the reminder turns ‘on.’

CTI’s “reveal inks” can be printed on cans, paper labels, cartons, and film and is powered by a combination of thermochromic inks.  When the product, such as milk, is at a safe temperature, the message reads “Drink Milk,” but when the carton reaches a target warm temperature (e.g., 40° F. or 4.4° C.), a color will disappear revealing a “return to fridge” reminder to the consumer.  CTI’s process allows the message, which is enabled to be ‘on’ and ‘off’ throughout the life of the package, to be customized.

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