Clariant : PFOA-free greaseproof food packaging papers

An eco-friendly solution for hand-held, ready-to-eat foods, Clariant’s Cartaguard KHI is a high-performance and totally PFOA-free grease resistant additive for effective and safer grease-resistant food papers and board.

Pw 53191 Clariant

Cartaguard KHI makes paper grease resistant without releasing impurities into the packaging. It penetrates into the paper or board and attaches to each fiber to create a protective surface that protects hands and clothing from grease. As a result, manufacturers can produce viable, safer grease-resistant packaging to replace traditional plastics and paper-plastic combinations.

An effective, PFOA-free solution for recyclable paper packaging, Cartaguard KHI is the first grease-resistant additive to be based on C3 technology. This new impregnating agent also brings production advantages to the paper mill. It is easy to process because it generates little foam during paper production and does not affect either the adhesive or printing properties of the paper.  BfR and FDA compliant,and meets the stringent requirements for food service packaging.

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