Orbis: Reusable pallets and containers

Orbis Corporation’s reusable pallets and totes for the food, beverage, and industrial supply chains provide safety, sustainability, consistency, and space saving, increasing shipping efficiency.

RackoCell pallet
RackoCell pallet

The OPTE Bulk System increases shipping efficiency to greatly reduce transportation costs.  The new StakPak features an enhanced container design with reinforced bottom and corners for improved durability and longer service life.

Stack-N-Nest Agricultural Containers are ventilated containers that provide accurate temperature control, minimized cooling, and easier cleaning. They conveniently stack when full and nest when empty, offering maximum space savings and utilization.
The nestable Grocery Pallet  is a 40" x 48" plastic pallet that increases utilization of space per truckload to deliver shipping efficiency and reduced costs.  The RackoCell (shown) is a 40" x 48" rackable pallet that features X-ray compatibility for inspection, satisfying industries where hygiene is demanded to ensure food safety.

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