Intertape Polymer Group: Tape seals highly-recycled corrugated boxes

Intertape Polymer Group has expanded its line of Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tapes that feature Corru-Grip adhesive technology to include 9100 and 8100, as well as 1100, providing optimal closure of highly-recycled corrugate and 100% recycled boxes in wide ranges of temperature and humidity.

Pw 52196 Tape

More than 90% of all corrugated boxes are now recovered for recycling and the average percent of recycled content in a corrugated box is now greater than 40%.  The higher the percent of recycled content, the more challenging it is to seal the box. Recycled cartons have shorter, flatter fibers, and a much different chemical composition of its surface structure.

The Corru-Grip product family makes it possible to reliably close corrugated boxes containing a high percentage of post-consumer fiber.

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