Payne: Holographic finish for labels

Payne’s HoloSense technology produces a range of holographic effect label patterns--diagonal stripe, raindrops, kaleidoscope, mini lens, and checkerboard--available for the surface finish, can be incorporated into existing labels or included as part of a new design.

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The new HoloSense effects help enhance on-shelf presence and consumer appeal by providing added depth to colors and creating a sense of movement that attracts attention.

Part of Payne’s Inform product range, the HoloSense technology can be used either as an all-over design or on selective areas of the label.  HoloSense is the first in a number of label print technologies which stimulates senses such as sight, touch, and smell.  One study reports that the incorporation of these types of enhancements can help to increase a brand’s impact by 70%.

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