Meadwestvaco: Medication packaging for patients, pharmacists

MeadWestvaco’s Shellpak Renew, a new package designed to meet patient and pharmacist needs, features a tear-resistant, recyclable outer carton, an easy-slide blister and an integrated calendar for patients to easily track their medications.

Pw 42411 Mwv Shellpack Renew Image

The new sustainable and easy-to-use Shellpak Renew packaging has a smaller footprint requiring less shelf space than the original Shellpak.  The outer carton is made of the company’s Natralock, an environmentally friendly paperboard-based packaging solution that maximizes the use of recyclable materials and minimizes waste. The package also contains enhanced adherence features, including color-coded spine labels to help distinguish among drugs and easy-open, child-resistant push buttons.

Medications prepackaged in Shellpak Renew also make dispensing medications quicker and easier for pharmacists.


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