WEENER Plastics, Inc: Hinged bottle cap

With an integrated dosing valve made of silicone, Weener’s hinged CondiCap/CleanSqueeze cap comes in various diameters (33mm, 38mm, 2’’ and 2 1/8’’), different threads, and multiple spout options.

Pw 41635 Image 27

A broad range of valve types with different geometries, diameters, or slits are available. The cap can safely and cleanly dose products with a wide range of viscosity, from aqueous to highly viscous, including creams, lotions, shampoos, shower gels, as well as tonics for the cosmetics industry or sauces and dressings for the food sector. Quality assurance is accomplished with a special camera that checks the shape and color of the caps.  Logos can be added on request.

Particularly useful when used for upside down bottles. Caps are lightweight (up to 25% less weight than similar products), reducing material use and shipping cost.

Custom designs are available

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