Tetra Pak: Gabletop carton with curvy shape

Designed for premium milk and juice, Tetra Pak’s Tetra Rex Pearl gabletop carton is a curved, droplet-shaped keyline container that provides an impactful side profile for improved branding possibilities.

Pw 41604 Tetra Rex Pearl Jpg

The absence of a front horizontal crease line creates one large front panel to offer the space for a large, premium-looking closure. The Tetra Rex Pearl also features the recently-launched TwistCap OSO 34 (One Step Opening) closure, a large, one-step opening that can be applied on a standard gabletop package without changing the configuration of the package. With higher ridges that are widely spaced for a better grip and an inner lip on the neck, the closure allows consumers to pour the product easily and reseal the package safely.

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