NanoPack, Inc: Food packaging coating

NanoPack’s Bairicade XT food packaging coating provides extended shelf-life for products such as snacks, nuts, seeds, seasonings, candy, coffee and tea packages using a clear, ultra-thin oxygen barrier coating product that uses 50% less water than previous coatings.

Pw 42560 M Nano Pack

With less drying required, shorter oven times are sufficient and press speeds can be greatly increased.  This advance makes it possible for high-speed, high-quality central impression flexographic presses to economically utilize this barrier technology.

The coating supports sustainability programs with source reduction, elimination of highly-chlorinated alternative coatings, and will compost with current bio-film products. Approved for indirect food contact by the FDA and petitions for Health Canada approval have been filed.

Bairicade XT allows end-users and converters to design their own barrier targets by varying the coating thickness.

Only a small fraction of a micron thick, the coating is created by evenly dispersing clay platelets in a resin which then stack up like a tightly constructed brick wall. Oxygen, a major enemy in food packaging, is blocked as a result, thus greatly extending shelf life for packaged foods. The new coating also provides a barrier to most organic volatiles, providing protection for flavor and aroma, as well as shielding the inks and adhesives in those laminations.

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