MicVac: Chilled microwave-ready meals packaging

Mic-vac’s pasteurized, vacuum-packed, chilled microwave-ready meals stay fresh for approximately 30 days in 8°C without additives.

Pw 39632 Custompack

The extended shelf life enables longer production cycles and a more cost-efficient production. It also reduces store waste without reducing range availability:  there is an opportunity to offer fresh food with better margins and fewer logistic challenges.  The vacuum packaging allows the trays to be stored upright, providing space-efficient transportation and eye-catching in-store display.

Consumers simply put the packaged meal in the microwave oven, without piercing the film. A valve makes a whistling sound when it reaches eating temperature. The specially designed Flextray ensures that the food is hot all the way through.

MicVac is a total solution provider and can offer a complete production line or only specific parts of the MicVac concept, as well as the appropriate packaging. The pilot plant offers customized training to facilitate the development of the product recipes and production launch.

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