Nomacorc Americas: Alternative wine closures

Select 100 from Nomacorc uses patented, two-phased oxygen management control to protect fragile wines, and wines requiring extended aging--like full-bodied red wines.

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The Select 100 creates a low-oxygen environment while addressing reductive characteristics using smart technology.  Reduction, which describes the presence of highly unpleasant sulfur compounds, occurs due to a lack of oxygen ingress through the closure post-bottling.  Select 100 is said to provide oxygen ingress levels close to zero during the initial stages of wine development, then introduces a very low and consistent level of oxygen during later stages of maturation, when wines are most susceptible to reduction.  Through this process, which manages oxygen in two discrete phases, Select 100 maximizes aroma preservation and freshness while preventing the formation of undesirable sulfur off-notes.

The Select 100 closure rounds out Nomacorc’s comprehensive solutions for the complex oxygen management requirements of various wines. The Select Series now consists of four unique products – the 700, 500, 300 and, 100 – each designed to play a specific role in post-bottling oxygen management, wine preservation and development.

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