Polyvel, Inc: Cold antifog masterbatches for polypropylene sheet extrusion

Polyvel’s VF-P05 is a new version of antifog masterbatch for use in polyolefin food packaging that is highly effective in cold applications.

Pw 39085 Polyvel Vf Po5 Image

For use in either coextruded or monolayer sheet, VF-P05 works more rapidly than previous versions.  More efficient in reducing condensation, resulting in a clearer, more transparent sheet.

While this product was designed specifically for cold, refrigerated conditions, it also performs well in a hot environment, and has an added benefit of performing equally as well in both homopolymer and copolymer PP.

VF-P05 is 30% active, a high concentration by antifog standards, making it a cost effective choice. Letdown rates vary depending upon sheet structure and composition.

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