World Wide Packaging, LLC: Foil polymer tube for 2-formula products

Designed for cosmetics and skin care products, World Wide Packaging’s foil polymer tube features a dual split chamber inner foil wall for storing 2-formula products.

Pw 38625 Dual Split Chamber Tube Pic 1 July 2011

With the dual chamber, cosmetics and skin care manufacturers are able to package 2 formulas separately in 1 convenient, portable package. The package combines products instantly upon use.

The tube has a foil wall between both chambers that allows it to contain almost any form of bulk product both securely and, from a consumer standpoint, functionally. The tube can be filled and crimped on any “hot jaw” tube filler, and its simple yet fashionable design will make it an attractive option to house product that calls for complementary formulas to be stored separately until applied.

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