Cortec Corp.: 2-sided pouch provides corrosion protection

Cortec Corporation’s Desicorr is a specially designed 2-sided pouch that contains a unique combination of desiccant (reduces moisture in the air) and VpCI (provides multi-metal protection), whose combined action provides corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Pw 38937 M Cortec

VpCI action protects recessed and inaccessible surfaces, and continues to provide corrosion protection even when desiccant is fully spent. The product changes color when desiccant is saturated, saving labor and cost of moisture indicator.  Pouches provide multi-metal protection of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, galvanized and silicon steel.

The desiccant action allows the VpCI® to have free access to the surface of the metal, without competition from moisture on the metal surface.  Desicorr VpCI is designed to protect products, components or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, wood or metal containers, electronic (marine or commercial) and electrical equipment. One Desicorr VpCI emitter  protects  0,028 m3 (28,3 l), and is able to absorb 1.65 grams of water. Degreasing or cleaning of protected parts is not required and the film does not need removal prior to using part. Desicorr VpCI meets NACE Standard TM0208 and MIL-D-3464 Type I and II.

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