CMT Materials, Inc: Alternative plug-assist materials minimize plug marks

HYTAC-FLX and FLXT copolymer syntactic foams from CMT Materials Inc., provide a low-scratch, reduced-cost alternative to engineered solid polymer thermoplastics for production of deep-draw transparent polypropylene (PP) packaging.

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The new plug-assist materials optimize material distribution and offer easier machining, better optical properties, and lower cost than solid engineered polymers such as polyetherimide (PEI) and polyetheretherketone (PEEK).
FLX and FLXT are said to offer a smoother surface than traditional syntactic foams--closely mirroring solid polymers--thus providing better transparency and minimal scratching while maintaining the benefits and lower cost of syntactic foam.

HYTAC-FLX, a toughened copolymer syntactic foam, is easy to polish and results in minimal to no scratches with transparent PP sheet. Designed to minimize chilling of the sheet and bring more material into the sidewall, resulting in improved distribution. HYTAC-FLXT is a PTFE-containing syntactic foam that is less susceptible to scratching and haze, provides higher transparency, and better release capability for sticky materials.

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