International Paper: Website for sustainable alternative to plastic clamshells

International Paper’s (IP) is a website focused on its Everest High Visibility packaging line, an alternative to plastic clamshells.

The Everest High Visibility packaging line blends security, safety and sustainability.
The website features products and services along with options and solutions.  A link to the site can also be found at  Everest High Visibility packaging provides a three-tiered tear resistant paperboard portfolio that features no sharp plastic edges that could cause consumer injuries, and is a more sustainable solution than plastic clamshells with 50-90% less plastic on average.
The packaging is offered in three distinct levels of security and value so customers can match every product with the packaging solution it requires:

• Seal-Pak provides economical product protection in high-visibility packaging and is designed for tamper-evident applications like over-the-counter and prescription medications, physician samples, health and beauty products and more.

• Secure-Pak is an attractive combination of theft deterrence and value, combining rugged tear resistance and product protection with affordability. This mid-range option is designed for a wide variety of applications such as consumer electronics, batteries and tools and hardware. Secure-Pak can be opened safely and easily with household scissors.

• Safe-Pak offers the highest level of security and tear-resistance and is designed for high value products such as data storage, digital cameras, club packs and pharmaceuticals. Safe-Pak uses a special tear strength and puncture resistant film that is exceptionally strong.

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