DuPont Packaging: On-line modeling calculates cost of sealing solutions

DuPont Packaging’s SaVE (Sealant Value Estimator) is an online predictive modeling tool that enables brand owners and packaging converters to evaluate the total cost of flexible packaging that relies on sealing solutions to help protect the contents.

DuPont™ SaVE (Sealant Value Estimator) calculates the total value in use of sealant alternatives, taking into consideration gains from productivity and losses due to inefficiencies and waste.  The tool allows users to calculate break-even points on multiple inputs in order to reduce packaging waste and achieve efficiencies through informed resin choices. The SaVE calculator can help determine whether increased material costs can be offset by higher productivity, and where the break-even point is.  For instance, will a vertical form-fill-seal packaging line running 10% faster by using a film with an improved sealant that costs 15% more be economically attractive? Using the SaVE tool to model this scenario can give insight into this decision.


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