Rexam: Spray technology delivers new consumer experience of luxury perfume

Panache, a new spray experience for prestige perfumes from Rexam, successfully controls the size and dispersion of a formula of particles to deliver a continuous, exceptionally airy, light and dry spray.

Pw 37914 Rexam Panache Hd 0

The Panache droplet size is 33% lighter and 40% drier on average than regular sprays. The fragrance is said to last 6 times longer and is twice as deep.  Panache spray can handle alcohol, water and oil-based formulations, with long, smooth actuation and a whisper-quiet sound. A propellant-free, sustainable alternative to aerosols. Iconic, prestige fragrances benefit from the XD11-based Panache experience, which retains the dosage, diameters and attachment systems of the standard XD11 platform of technology.  For deodorants, hair care and atomizers, the spray incorporates the SP22 new-generation engine, known for its powerful and flexible emulsion handling.  A result of five years of intensive research.

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