InMat® Inc : High-barrier transparent nanocomposite coatings

InMat’s environmentally-friendly, water-based barrier coatings contain no solvents or hazardous materials, are appropriate for food packaging applications, and can be applied to PET film via roll coating, spray or dip processes.

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Said to exceed properties of conventional barrier packaging at lower cost, the large number of water-based coatings  include:  Nanolok PT ADV-7 which provides oxygen barrier up to 80% RH while also providing improvements in moisture barrier;  Nanolok PT ADV-E, which costs 30% less than ADV-7; Nanolok EXC, which costs 50-60% less than Nanolok PT ADV-7 while still providing similar levels of oxygen barrier up to 65% RH; and Nanolok WR 301409, which provides good oxygen barrier up to 80% RH, moisture barrier similar to Nanolok PT ADV-7, superior adhesion to several polymer films eliminating the need for a primer on BOPP and PLA, and twice the solid content of InMat’s other formulations (14% vs. 7%) reducing the required drying time and enabling a higher speed, lower cost, coating process.  Additional coatings are available.