Biobent Polymers, a division of Univenture, Inc: Bioplastic resin made of soy

A new division of Univenture, Biobent Polymers is launching Panacea™, a bioplastic resin that maintains the characteristics of the base plastic material while replacing up to 40% of the petroleum normally used in plastics manufacturing.

Pw 2500 Webbiobent
Panacea PP and Panacea PE are polypropylene and polyethylene based products that are priced competitively in the bioplastics market. The process used to make the line is capable of blending traditional thermoplastics with a low-cost, unrefined agricultural co-product:  soy meal.  Soybean meal is combined with “off the shelf” plastic resins to produce a bio-composite replaces 10%-40% of the petroleum-based resin.

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