NanoBioMatters North America: Oxygen scavenging additive

O2Block® from NanoBioMatters is an oxygen scavenging additive which can be dispersed directly into packaging materials, offering an alternative to conventional scavenging techniques such as UV-activated systems and oxygen scavenger packets.

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O2Block maximizes shelf life for diverse packaging made of materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, and PLA for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Uses purified and modified layered clay as a performance-enhancing carrier of oxygen-scavenging iron. The active iron is dispersed directly in the polymer during the production process.  Active iron is linked to the clay surface and a uniform dispersion is achieved. In addition, the iron deposited on the clay prevents platelet agglomeration which combined with unique surface modification ensures total additive dispersion.  A simpler, less costly, and more convenient alternative to conventional scavenging techniques, according to the company,
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