Milliken Chemical: Milliken Chemical: Metallocene PP resin for thermoforming

Lumicene® M3382MZ polypropylene is a metallocene PP resin from Total Petrochemicals, clarified with Milliken Chemical’s Millad® NX8000 technology, that produces thermoformed deli containers, drinking cups, lids, domes and food service trays, with clarity, gloss and side wall stiffness.

Pw 3387 Webtotal
The resin expands use of low-density PP as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible replacement for other clear plastic materials, and is a clean resin that features ultra-low extractables, improved taste and odor characteristics, and complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations regarding food contact.
Reduced smoke and plate-out in thermoforming applications is an additional feature.
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