Velcro USA, Inc: Composite alternative drum

PackGen’s E-Pack Drum is a composite alternative to metal or plastic drums that significantly reduces freight, disposal, and recycling costs.


The drum is a collapsible design that curls up into 7 in. x 36 in. roll. 1872 empty 55-gallon drums can be shipped in a 53-ft. truckload, and can be unloaded in 30 minutes with one forklift driver. Storage space of empty containers is reduced by 9 times compared to steel and poly drums. Final disposition of the drum reduces disposal costs by ratio of 25:1. A replaceable, factory-installed, form-fitted, liner attaches at drum bottom with Velcro. Liner remains in drum while discharging. Reuse container by replacing the liner with a new one. 100% incinerable construction materials.

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