NatureWorks LLC: NatureWorks LLC: Bioplastics, bioresins adding new dimensions

The right sustainability solution depends on your marketing objectives, so it pays to continually scout for new packaging technologies. Here are two.

Biodegradability is important to some consumers, and a new family of bioplastics, made from corn sugar, may be worth a look. The material is called Mirel, and it is from Telles (

Kristin Taylor, Business Development Manager, says the durable bioplastic material maintains full function and shape in hot and humid environments. Target Stores uses Mirel in its gift cards.

Moving from glass or metal into environmentally friendly plastics? A number of materials might meet your needs. PET bottles that include various percentages of post-consumer regrind (PCR) and vitamin bottles and water bottle preforms from NatureWorks PLA, a corn-based bioresin, are among these options, and Alpha Packaging ( produces them.

Marny Bielefeldt, Marketing Manager, advises marketers to understand costs when considering these materials. Both PLA and PCR cost as much as 15% more than conventional packaging plastics.

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