International Dispensing Corp.: Aseptic dispensing tap

International Dispensing Corporation’s The Answer, is a certified aseptic dispensing tap that can maintain sterility of low and medium viscous liquids for weeks of continuous dispensing in normal non-refrigerated conditions.

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The Answer provides a safe, multi-serve package that does not require refrigeration to brand owners and foodservice operators. Multiserve SafePaks with The Answer enable seniors, children, and people on-the-go to dispense juice, organic beverages, coffees and teas, fortified waters, dairy products, energy drinks, smoothies, and soups with just one easy push of a button. Multiserve SafePaks with The Answer also have the potential to assist in humanitarian relief. Because refrigeration and power are not required, bulk liquid nutrition can be provided to impoverished populations, refuges, disaster victims, and the military.
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