O. Berk Company: O. Berk Company: Easy desiccant removal

From Healthcare Packaging Group comes the Desiccant Basket, a packaging component that allows pharmacists to quickly and easily retrieve a desiccant from drug packaging requiring reconstitution.

Pw 13027 Oberk

Desiccant Basket rests in the top of the bottle, keeping the desiccant separated from the pharmaceutical compound or from other contents such as pills, capsules, and/or tablets. Suitable as a replacement for rayon or cotton, Desiccant Basket fits a wide range of stock jars and bottles in HDPE and other materials. Allows use of virtually any lining material, including heat seals, as well as screw-top, TE and CR closures. Samples available in neck finishes from 38 mm to 53 mm.

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