Multipack carrier system

Manufactured to accommodate new contoured designs of PET bottles, Model 871M-2 Toplift Multipack Application System from ITW Hi-Cone (Itasca, IL) can apply multipack carriers to PET bottles in 4-, 6-, and 8-pack configurations.

Pw 24060 Mantoaccnew 20

It can handle straightwall or stylized bottles in 1/2-L, 16-, 20-, and 24-oz sizes, with standard or sport cap closures, at speeds to 1겨 bottles/min. The system uses the Hi-Cone Toplift Multipack Carrier, a LDPE-based carrier that features easy-to-carry handles on top of the multipacks. A side-lift carrier is also available. Carriers are available in white or natural, and can be printed with UPCs, product logos, or other information.

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