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Taplast: E-commerce dispensing system

The pump is equipped with a folding and locking nozzle, which completely prevents accidental opening of the pack until the time of the first use by the consumer.

Pw 332752 M Taplast

The nozzle of a liquid dispenser pump is the most protruding part of a pack and therefore the part at greatest risk of accidental breakage during transport. The damage impacts the consumer, the manufacturer, and also for the carrier. Liquid leaks due to breakages can also spoil other packs. Amazon has adopted different standards for the safety and integrity of the packaging and in the case of liquid products requires us to wrap the package with the shrink wrap resulting in excess tertiary packaging material, which then has to be disposed.

The “folding” pump
On May 16th in Milan, the Rapida pump from Taplast (Vicenza, Italy) won the packing Oscar 2017, for "Quality Design", for solving the problem of the transport of liquid food and non-food products. It is a lotion pump with a nozzle which folds with through 90°. At the bottom, there is a clip that attaches to the vertical wall of the actuator keeping it safe and locked: the nozzle does not protrude from the vertical axis, keeping cartons, boxes, or trays uncluttered. This offers greater resistance in case of accidental knocks or falls.

High security
“It's virtually impossible to have accidental spills,” explain the designers in the Brain@Work division of industrial design of Taplast. “Because we offer two locks against accidental opening: the first is the nozzle vertically closed through the clip which prevents the pump from operating and the second is the classic standard 90° rotation Up Lock system, which, between them prevent transport or unintentional unlocking.”

Fast and intuitive
But what does this mean to the consumer? Speed, hence the name Rapida; rapid in Italian: it only takes a second to unclip and raise the nozzle and then rotate it through 90°. Fast dosing 1.5 ml, no spring in contact with the liquid, avoiding contamination, and complying with the BRC food safety. Ideal for sun care, body creams, liquid soaps, and detergents for surfaces, but also sauces and dressings.

Safe for e-commerce
Rapid complies with the requirements of safe packaging for e-commerce on three aspects: fall, double closure and loss. Taplast offers the possibility of adding a zip tie sleever as a further guarantee of integrity at the first use. The two patents for industrial inventions registered by Taplast (the lever mechanism and blocking with clips) are not the only ones to ensure the functionality and originality of rapid: in fact, since during the transport packaging can be positioned horizontally or under pressure, Taplast has provided a quick inner membrane on the engine design that prevents the accidental spill of liquid as a result of pressure or vacuum. Finally, the products to which it is applied rapidly thanks to an innovative design, intelligent, and intuitive operation.

Kind to the environment
To complete the profile of the new pump dispenser it has the ability to reduce waste by saving other wrapping to protect contents.

“Taplast always finds solutions that reduce environmental impact such as waste and emissions,” says Paolo Santagiuliana, Managing Director of Venetian Company that operates in the heart of one of the most important districts in Italy in plastics. “Taplasts’ Product development Division Brain@Work also involves external junior and senior designers from different countries of The World, to enrich our competencies and generate innovation that brings environmental and economic value.

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