Currier Plastics invests in wide mouth PET jar machines

Currier expands capabilities for wide mouth PET jars with two new Aoki ISBM machines.

Currier Plastics is investing in two new Aoki Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) Machines in a higher tonnage range that are scheduled to arrive at the end of the 2nd quarter. The new ISBM machines will facilitate higher cavitation molds for wide mouth jar molding.

Aoki is a well known industry leader in ISBM technology and for developing new techniques for molding PET geometries. "Aoki is well respected in the molding community and known for producing the highest quality product," says Steve Crawford, Blow Molding Engineering Manager. “The addition of the larger tonnage machines opens the door for Currier Plastics to grow in the cosmetics, personal care, and food industries as they all use PET jars. Our current clients are always pushing for new technologies to help them grow their market share along with our new prospects who are looking for high quality domestic partners."

The U.S. cosmetics industry has grown nearly 14% in the last five years and Currier Plastics is taking advantage of that trend. Crawford concludes: “Quality is still number one for clients according to a recent plastics manufacturing survey with price coming in second and that's where Currier Plastics outperforms our competition.”

Currier Plastics, located in the central New York town of Auburn, has been custom molding for a variety of industries such as plastic packaging, beauty and cosmetics, amenities, household consumables, electronic connectors, and medical measuring devices since 1982.

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