Study: Investments in paper trays market driven by sustainability

A growing focus on sustainability by consumers is leading to investments in new technologies, materials, and global markets for paper trays, including those with recycled content.

A new study says momentum in the paper trays market can be attributed to a growing focus on sustainability.
A new study says momentum in the paper trays market can be attributed to a growing focus on sustainability.

The paper trays market is likely to grow at a 3.9% CAGR throughout 2027, according to the latest Fact.MR study, “Paper Trays Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2027.” Notes the study, the momentum in the paper trays market can be attributed to a growing focus on sustainability, which includes reducing packaging waste and adopting recyclable packaging materials.

According to Fact.MR, a growing consumer preference toward greener packaging solutions is driving heavy investments in the paper trays market. Anticipating the lucrativeness of the paper trays market and future growth opportunities, manufacturers are introducing a wide range of paper tray designs, which is proving to be a winning product differentiation strategy for paper packaging businesses.

The Fact.MR study explains that industrial applications of paper trays in food and beverage products collectively account for more than 40% revenue share in the paper trays market. The study remains bullish on the burgeoning demand for environmentally-friendly paper trays in the food and beverage industry, leading to retail chains and foodservice brands’ commitment to phase out plastic in food packaging. The report also sheds light on the increased demand for paper trays in the consumer electronics industry, which is likely to remain a less-explored end-user industrial sector in the paper trays market.

The study adds that a majority of paper tray manufacturers are launching microwave-safe and freezer-safe paper trays that address the soaring popularity of frozen food products among younger consumers. Market players are incorporating advanced technologies, such as modified atmosphere packaging technology, and manufacturing processes such as thermoforming, to introduce unique features of paper trays suitable for food and beverage products.

“Though the F&B [food and beverage] space holds a largest share in the paper trays market, industrial applications of paper trays are not limited to the food industry. A variety of end-user industries, such as consumer durables and electronics, healthcare, and personal care and cosmetic products, contribute greatly to the growth of the paper trays market. Leading manufacturers of paper trays are aware of surging demand for paper trays in the consumer durables and electronics industry and are adopting strategies to focus enhancing their product portfolio for this segment,” says a lead analyst at Fact.MR.

According to the study, the pulp and paper industry is a heavily regulated, as it utilizes more than 40% of industrial wood traded globally. Such regulations established by governmental and environmental organizations inevitably add to tangible monetary and non-monetary costs of manufacturing paper trays. For example, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recommends market players use recycled fiber and maintain minimum content standards of recovered or virgin fiber. Thereby, government policies and eco-friendly manufacturing strategies adopted by paper trays market players are boosting the use of recycled fiber as the primary source for paper trays.

The Fact.MR study finds that Tier I companies in the paper trays market are focusing on consolidating their position in key markets. For example, the Mondi Group recently acquired pulp and paper manufacturers and suppliers across the world, including Powerflute Group Holdings Oy in Finland for approximately €365 million (approximately US(420 million), and National Company for Paper Products and Import & Export S.A.E (NPP) in Egypt for €24 million (approximately US$28 million). The company also announced that it has entered the Polish market by expanding its heavy-duty corrugated capabilities, which can help the company remain competitive in the global market for paper packaging products, including paper trays.

According to Fact.MR, paper trays manufacturers are also focusing on penetrating the lucrative Asia Pacific market. For instance, Huhtamaki Oyj recently acquired packaging companies in Asia Pacific, including International Paper’s foodservice packaging operations in China, Ajanta Packaging’s business in India and Tailored Packaging, a foodservice packaging distributor in Australia. With the market leaders establishing a stronger foothold in emerging economies, the paper trays markets in developing nations is expected to witness positive growth in the upcoming years.

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