Bottled Water Makes 'Scents' For Aroma Water

This summer, Aroma Water introduced water in a 16.9-oz PET bottle topped with a closure that releases an encapsulated aroma over time to give consumers the sensation of tasting a flavored beverage, without the extra additives, sweeteners, or calories.

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Haverford, PA-based beverage firm Aroma Water licenses from ScentSational Technologies ( an encapsulated aroma release technology called CompelAroma that locks in either a lemon-lime or mandarin orange scent. Both “flavors” are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“It starts with 100-percent pure water with absolutely no additives and is sealed with an aromatic cap,” says Brooke Mills, Aroma Water’s director of marketing. “We wanted to give the public a healthy option by adding flavor without the extra ingredients. Many of the (flavored) waters on the market are similar to soda with carbonation and calories.”

Aroma Water sources the 28-mm injection-molded, push-pull polypropylene caps from ScentSational Technologies. Aroma Water declined to comment on how the aroma is added to the closures.

“The flavor molecules that we utilize get individually wrapped by the plastic polymers to make the closure,” says Barry Edelstein, president and CEO of ScentSational Technologies. “By having them capsulated within the structure of the closure, they remain stable and aromatic, and they will last for years on the underside of the cap.”

The 28-mm neck finish bottles are stretch/blow-molded by MPI Packaging Inc. ( and sourced through Zuckerman Honickman ( Decorating the custom-shaped bottle is a four-color, flexo-printed label that adheres to a panel recessed into the bottles’ waist area. Label specifications were not available at press time.

Label copy tells consumers, “Since 90% of your taste comes from your sense of smell, you experience the sensation of delicious flavor while your body gets the pure water hydration it needs.”

Aroma Water is bottled and shipped by various co-packers around the country. The bottles retail for $1.29 to $1.49 on the East coast, with expansion to the west coast expected by mid- to late summer.

—John Parssinen

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