Pediatric Drink In Aseptic Cartons

In June 2006, PTS Labs, Rosemont, IL, launched its ReVital Care Bears pediatric electrolyte drinks in 1-L aseptic cartons from Tetra Pak (

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The hydration maintenance solution is a white grape juice-based formulation.

Aseptic processing and Tetra Brik aseptic six-layer barrier carton packaging serve to protect the delicate, natural flavors and functionalities of the product. Nonrefrigerated shelf life of the unopened drink is 24 months. After opening, remaining product can be safely stored in the reclosed carton in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Mary Kay Staten Long, president of PTS Labs, says, “As innovators in our category, PTS Labs’ natural choice was to package ReVital in the Tetra Brik, driven mainly by the consumer and supply chain benefits afforded the product. Beyond protecting our unique and value-added product extremely well, the package allows ReVital to be shelved and stored efficiently and to be reclosed after opening.”

The Tetra Brik boxes provide better shelf facings for the retailer and require up to 30% less shelf space than bottles or cans. The package shape and size also facilitate easy, shelf-space-efficient storage in home refrigerators.

—Judy Rice

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