Storm brews in U.S. over MAP for meat

The growing use of carbon monoxide as a "pigment fixative" in modified atmosphere packaging of meat is alarming consumer advocates who say it is deceptive.

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Critics also claim that this use of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) robs consumers of the ability to detect spoiled meat. As a result, they are challenging the Food and Drug Administration and the nation's meat industry, saying the agency violated its own rules by allowing the practice without an evaluation of consumer safety. "We feel it's a huge consumer right-to-know issue," said Donna Rosenbaum of Safe Tables Our Priority, an advocacy group in Burlington, VT.

Source: the Wichita Eagle

Editor's note: We have watched this item (a tiny mention months ago) explode as it has been carried in local papers across the nation. As GPM went to press, Kroger announces they will stop MAP of meat.

This item was from the February 23 issue of Global Packaging Minute. GPM is a monthly read of "hard-hitting and off-beat packaging news from around the world" edited by Packaging World associate publisher Jim Chrzan.

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