Dual-chamber make-up gets custom closure

Procter & Gamble’s Cover Girl brand now includes the newly introduced Outlast Liquid Make-Up, packaged in dual-chamber, 44-mL bottles with durable, double-hinge, dual-dispensing closures.

Pw 10914 Cover Girl Oi

Designed to be stored standing on its closure, the obelisk-shaped make-up container is made of clear barrier plastic. The patented closure system, custom-created by O-I, provides high-quality functionality and distinctive package appearance.

David Lapp, O-I global category manager, explains, “The idea was driven by Procter & Gamble’s vision for make-up to include a base coat that protects make-up against perspiration plus sun protection with a color top coat that delivers natural-looking color and coverage, and that’s what the dual dispensing closure allows them to do.”

According to P&G, initial consumer research indicated a preference for a dual-dispensing closure over traditional threaded closures. —Judy Rice