New bottle brings new site

A new Web site has been created to accommodate the need for information associated with a line of aluminum bottles.

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To tout its new aluminum bottle-can, CCL Container has created The new site includes information on the bottle-can’s benefits and shelf appeal. It also allows customers to request samples and read case studies.

Illustrated with colorful photos of the product, the “benefits” page is organized in succinct bullet points that outline the bottle’s advantages: customized contours for a comfortable grip, lightweight and rugged for consumers on the go, and 100% recyclable for environmental friendliness.

The “shelf appeal” page is also illustrated with bottles currently in use by end users: Mistic Beverages and Tabu Exotic Citrus (to read the previously published story on these containers, please visit Its bullet points include information regarding the bottles’ seamless aluminum finish, in-line eight-color printing, the full range of heights and diameters, and more.

The “media resource center” page includes press releases documenting the bottles varied uses, as well as sales and marketing contact information, feature articles, multimedia presentations, and a corporate overview. This page also gives users the opportunity to sign up for the company’s newsletter that promises to keep its customers in the loop regarding new products.

Other pages include one for case studies, another to request samples, and a third to get contact information. End users of the aluminum bottle-cans include Danza vodka, Capri Sun, and Snapple’s Elements energy drink.

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