Estee Lauder's promo display

REPORTING FROM PACK EXPO: In August, Estee Lauder chose a 3”-diameter tubed secondary container from Flex Products to display its skin care product promotion. Displayed at the Flex Products booth, the tube contains a folding carton-packaged product that's suspended inside.

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Estee Lauder reportedly believes the tube gives the package an upscale look, according to Flex Products.

The offset printed tube is made of a clear cellulose propionate material, extruded by Flex Products (Carlstadt, NJ). The tube is then solvent-welded to the base.

At the time of packaging, a thermoformed "pedestal" is inserted inside the tube. Next, the cartoned product is placed inside the tube. The tube is then capped with an injection-molded polyethylene closure, which is custom color-matched to the product.

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