Barex cleared for beverages

On June 8, BP Amoco Chemicals announced its Barex 210 Extrusion Grade Resin has been granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration for its use in producing beverage bottles for a variety of applications.

Effective March 14, the FDA permits the use of containers made of the resin for most nondairy, nonalcoholic, noncarbonated beverages. These include ready-to-serve coffees and teas, fresh fruit juices, and processed fruit and vegetable juices. This usage covers aseptic, ambient filling and storage and refrigeration.

Barex 210 resin yields blowmolded bottles that are clear, durable and provide a barrier to oxygen and carbon dioxide gas.

The FDA’s Food Contact Notification removes the previous exemption, in existence since the early ‘70s. “Improvements in testing equipment allowed us to demonstrate that bottles made of Barex 210 satisfy the FDA’s safety criteria,” says product technical manager Robert Sentman, who can be reached at the phone number below.

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