Secondary pack boosts sales, trims costs

Asheville, NC-based Candle Station switched its oil lamp packaging late last year. Then it watched holiday sales of the item jump, says co-owner Helaine Greene.

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Used previously was a two-piece set-up box with foam cushions, a package Candle Station eliminated in an effort to reduce package size and improve overall appearance. The new package is a polyvinyl chloride clamshell thermoformed from a 20-mil sheet and, surrounding it, a single-faced E-flute carton with a gold metallized interior. Not only is it more compact and eye-catching, it also costs less, though specific figures weren't available. Carton and clamshell were designed and sourced by Jarrett Industries (Baltimore, MD), which also inventories the packaging materials and supplies Candle Station on a just-in-time basis. Candle Station designed the SBS, foil-stamped band-also supplied and inventoried by Jarrett-which carries the sell copy. The package won two gold awards at the National Paperbox Assn.'s recent competition. The products are sold in gift stores nationwide for $20 to $32, depending on size.

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