Deep skirt delivers strong shelf impact

When El Paso Chile Co. of El Paso, TX, started shipping its dips and salsa, it used a conventional continuous-thread closure on its glass jar. Its chief appeal was a deep skirt that allowed room for plenty of graphics.

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Unfortunately, however, quality control problems-some container related, some closure related-prevented the container/closure combination from delivering reliable seal integrity, and leakers became a problem. Then late last year, the firm switched to an 82-mm "Deep" Twist-Off® closure from White Cap (Downers Grove, IL). Also new is a custom-molded 16-oz glass jar from Vitro Packaging (Dallas, TX). Leakers, says El Paso Chile founder Park Kerr, are a thing of the past. And shelf impact, adds marketing manager Sean Henschel, is better than ever. "The new cap's wide skirt adds dimension to the lid," says Henschel. "We print graphics on the skirt and the top of the cap. This ties them into the designs on the labels on our clear glass containers. This unified cap-and-container look results in greater shelf appeal." One thing that didn't change is the attractive cold glue paper label, a 70-lb stock called "genesis milkweed" that's printed offset in three colors by Guynes Printing (El Paso, TX). "The strong graphics, large and attractive caps and unified image creates a powerful up-and-down continuity to the shelf display," Henschel says. And what did all this package upgrading cost? The new jar and cap combined cost about 30% less than the pair they replaced. "Imagine our surprise," says Kerr.

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