Mary Kay bottles body care products

Customized extrusion/blow-molded bottles are providing marketing appeal and consumer convenience for personal care products sold by Dallas-based Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Pw 25418 Cusextblobot 10

Silgan Plastics (Chesterfield, MO) molds the oblong-shaped bottles, using Eastman Chemical's (Kingsport, TN) polyethylene terephthalate glycol® resin. Mary Kay purchases the bottles through distributor Berlin Packaging (Chicago, IL). Opaque white is used for Mary Kay® Body Care Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Gels, while clear bottles hold two Private Spa limited-edition promotional offerings. Mary Kay assistant manager Carol Doyle explains, "The clear bottles show off our color-coded formulas and showcase the coordinating colored graphics on our labels. The opaque bottles provide a good background to complement our blue and gray label graphics. It's a way of achieving two distinctive looks from the same bottle." Doyle says the PETG material allows consumers to squeeze the bottle easily to facilitate product dispensing.

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