Pepsi enters a whole new category

Through an alliance with Mid-America Dairymen, Inc. of Springfield, MO, Pepsi-Cola Co., Somers, NY, began testing its first dairy beverage May 31 in Texas and Oklahoma.

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The 9.5-oz bottles of Smooth Moos Smoothies, a low-fat line of dairy shakes made with real milk, are packed in wide-mouth glass bottles sporting colorful shrink labels. The custom bottles, styled after old-fashioned milk bottles, are supplied by Anchor Glass (Tampa, FL). The .6-mil polyvinyl chloride labels, gravure-printed in nine colors, are supplied by American Fuji Seal (Bardstown, KY). The 48-mm press-on/twist-off closure on the bottle comes from White Cap (Downers Grove, IL). "Milk is the last underdeveloped beverage frontier," says Brian Swette, executive vice president of marketing at Pepsi. "We hope to build an entirely new business by taking a very creative approach to a popular beverage category." Much of that creativity finds its outlet in the colorful, playful labels, which feature Spot, a "bovine prankster who wears red hightops." Marketing support centers around the exploits of Spot, an escapee from a jackknifed cattle truck on the highway. Aimed at teens, Smooth Moos Smoothies are being sold in convenience stores and some supermarkets for about 95¢ each.

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