Recyclable Shrink-Film Family Approved for Store Drop-Off

New recyclable Clysar EVO all-purpose film and Clysar EVOX high-strength, high-speed film are prequalified for the Store Drop-Off label by the How2Recycle program.

New from Clysar LLC at PACK EXPO Connects is the company’s family of Clysar® EVO™ recyclable shrink films approved for the Store Drop-Off label by the How2Recycle® program. Explains Clysar, the new films allow brand packagers and retailers to meet critical package recyclability goals, fulfill retail labeling mandates, and address increased consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

Clysar EVO™ shrink films have been developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and have been verified by third-party testing to meet the requirements of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, ensuring they are safe and fully acceptable for Store Drop-Off recycling. Offering official letters of prequalification from the How2Recycle organization, Clysar EVO™ allows brands to bypass the material testing and verification steps that may be required when obtaining permission to use official recycling labels. Explains Clysar, most shrink films are not recyclable under current protocols and will only qualify for the “not yet recycled” package label.

Clysar Evo Pack WorldAccording to Clysar, Clysar EVO™ films offer strength, sparkling clarity, and consumer appeal, are similar to traditional cross-linked shrink films, and run on virtually all types of packaging equipment. The line includes two options—Clysar EVO™ all-purpose films and Clysar EVOX™ high-speed, high-strength films—that provide targeted performance for individual product applications and process demands.

A versatile multi-purpose solution, Clysar EVO™ shrink film is suited for most retail packaging applications. Notes Clysar, the film offers excellent optics, clean even shrink, and strong seals, and runs trouble-free on most shrink-packaging equipment under a wide range of operating conditions.

Clysar EVOX™ films are suitable for high-speed packaging applications requiring extra strength, protection, and durability. The film was engineered as a high-performance option for demanding products like heavy multipacks or irregular shapes. According to Clysar, EVOX™ films were developed to run effortlessly on highly automated, high-speed equipment and deliver trouble-free sealing and shrink characteristics.

The new films are available in multiple gauges and a variety of put-ups. Complete technical and development support is available, from supporting new applications or assisting with drop-in replacements that make existing shrink packages more sustainable. Official letters of prequalification from the How2Reycycle program are available from Clysar, which can be used by How2Recycle members to fast-track individual label use approvals.

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