Food Grade Ink for Ink-jet Printing Systems

Squid Ink introduces the SI-CIJ9351 food grade red ink designed for printing codes directly onto food products. It is ideal for use in applications where the food package may not create an effective barrier against ink migration.

Squid Ink logo
Squid Ink logo

SI-CIJ9351 food grade ink is approved for use in Squid Ink’s Streamline® 5 and JetStream™ CIJ printers. It complies with all FDA guidelines and is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) specifications.
Squid Ink’s food-grade ink utilizes the same simple quick-change cartridges as existing Squid Ink CIJ fluids. Clean cartridges of ink and make-up can be replaced in seconds without having to stop production. In addition, no chips or RFID tags are used to lock users into a fluids hostage situation with the printer manufacturer. As a proven ink manufacturer, Squid Ink offers a comprehensive range of inks for a variety of applications and industry requirements.

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