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Baby Dove's new bundle of joy

A gift pack from Baby Dove uses a clean, white basket that is perfect for store-shelf display and doubles as a collapsible, reusable, and portable storage container for new parents.

The custom-made gift basket holds a number of baby bath products as well as a winged, dove-shaped towel.
The custom-made gift basket holds a number of baby bath products as well as a winged, dove-shaped towel.

Unilever has introduced the parent-friendly Baby Dove Complete Care Baby Essentials Gift Pack, featuring a flexible, reusable basket holder containing multiple baby bath products, that promotes Dove’s brand identity both through the basket design and, in the larger pack, a winged “dove-shaped” baby towel. The project was a collaboration between Unilever, co-packer Menasha, and promotional packaging specialist Supremia International.

Supremia’s role was one of strategic guidance and included conceptualizing, developing, and executing the design and manufacturing of the basket, which comes in two sizes. The team’s challenge was to satisfy Unilever’s desire for a basket in line with the Dove brand’s clean, mostly white appearance that also was utilitarian, portable, and reusable. The basket had to be durable as well, in order to serve the dual function of vehicle for store-shelf display and collapsible, reusable, storage container for parents at home.

“The advice sought for the Baby Dove gift basket was ideally aligned with our creative specialty premiums and packaging expertise,” explains Jessica Warwick, Sales Director, Supremia Americas. “We were thrilled to help create these highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and brand-supportive baskets.”

Leading up to the final product, Supremia experimented with several rounds of sizing, as the basket needed to accommodate a vacuum tray that would hold the products. Since some baskets would need to be shrink-wrapped for shipping through e-commerce sites, they needed to be snug and sturdy, and prevent product protrusion. In addition, the basket needed to incorporate the Baby Dove logo and closely match brand colors.

Design of the towel for inclusion in the larger gift pack presented another set of unique challenges. Unilever sought a towel that would be sufficiently substantial in weight and size, yet soft, absorbent, and within budgetary constraints. After sourcing materials, Supremia presented several swatches for the team to choose from and designed a unique winged dove shape for the towel to emphasize brand identity.

Adding human interest to the story, several members of Supremia’s team were new parents and tested the products for both size and comfort on their own newborns. To meet the needs of sensitive baby skin, they ultimately chose a 100% polyester terry 200 gsm.This personal involvement by real moms and dads tied in nicely to the Baby Dove campaign launched by the company last spring, which says “there are no perfect moms, only real ones.”

That the basket was created by real moms and dads corresponded with Dove’s goal of depicting an inclusive, realistic portrait of modern parenthood that challenges the “perfect mom” stereotype, and fits in with its widely-recognized #RealMoms campaign.

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