Walgreens creatively rethinks nut packaging

Walgreens, America’s largest drugstore chain, wanted to update packaging for some of its products, including the Good & Delish™ coated and uncoated nuts line.

Good & Delish™ coated and uncoated nuts
Good & Delish™ coated and uncoated nuts

The idea was to arrive at a container format that could differentiate, elevate, and refresh the line. So Walgreens asked the Studio One Eleven Division of Berlin Packaging to create a rigid container option.

The package design team came up with a container format that combines convenience of consumer use with shelf appeal and merchandising advantages, such as secure stackability. The two-part clear PET cans are injection stretch blow molded by VPET USA, Inc. The containers have 63-mm openings, are three inches in diameter, and are tapered at the bottom. Palm-sized injection-molded polypropylene screw-top closures from Phoenix Closures double as single-serving bowls.

Two unnamed contract packers are handling these products for Walgreens. One of the contractors declined to comment, but the other is using filling equipment from Triangle Package Machinery; code dating, full-body shrink sleeve dispensing, and shrink tunnel equipment are sourced from TriPack. Ultrasonic sealing machinery to apply the inner jar seals is from Enercon Industries. The jar lids are manually applied.

Initially introduced commercially in September 2013, this packaging has been well-received by consumers and by the packaging industry. Product weights are approximately 9 to 13 oz, depending on variety, and retail pricing of the nut products is approximately $6.99. The uncoated nuts are packaged in nitrogen-flushed jars and have an estimated shelf life of 12 months. Coated varieties are not nitrogen-flushed and have estimated shelf life of 9 to 12 months, depending on variety. This new nut container won the Gold Medal at the 2015 National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) Packaging Awards. Regarding the performance and consumer acceptance of the packaging, Walgreens Brand Manager Jodi Kier notes, “Consumers love the portability and versatility of the new packaging. Since launch of the new package, Delish Nuts sales have grown by 23%, outpacing total nut category growth.”

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