Lighter-weight aerosol for beauty care brand

Henkel uses a new industrial aluminum aerosol can for its European beauty care brand, Fa, that is up to 10% lighter than the industry's standard extruded aluminum package.

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Henkel has launched a new, lighter-weight industrial aluminum aerosol can for its popular European beauty care brand, Fa. The can, supplied by Ball Corp., is manufactured using a new metal technology that utilizes recycled aluminum to create a metal alloy that exhibits increased strength and allows lightweighting of the container without affecting package integrity. This technology allows Ball to lightweight its extruded aluminum aerosol packaging by as much as 10%, with further lightweighting expected in the future.

Says Michael Feldser, CEO, Global Metal Food and Household Products Packaging for Ball. "Thanks to our cross-enterprise expertise, we were able to add recycled aluminum from Ball's beverage can plants into our slug manufacturing processes, reduce the amount of metal used, and lightweight the industry's standard extruded aluminum package. This helps improve the carbon footprint of a popular product and enhances the environmental performance of both companies."

According to Ball, after months of collaboration with Henkel, its global metal technology experts and innovation teams developed a method that will allow the company to use either post-consumer recycled aluminum or aluminum recycled from its global beverage can operations to produce its new slugs. Currently, almost all extruded aluminum aerosol packaging is made from virgin aluminum slugs.

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