Shapely can is the apple of Heinz's eye

Switch to hourglass-shape can lifts sales in the Netherlands.

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Seeking innovation, convenience and differentiation, Heinz recently relaunched its line of Karvan Cévitam fruit syrups sold in the Netherlands in shapely, vibrant cans that consumers can't help but pluck from store shelves.

According to Heinz, the company has seen "substantial gains" in sales of its 11-variety, 70-percent fruit-based syrup since switching from a straight-walled can to the 750-mL, hourglass-shaped can from Impress Group B.V.

The new cans are produced in Impress' facility in Deventer, the Netherlands, and are made from a fine, stone-finished tinplate material, with various thicknesses used for the can's top, bottom and body. Specially designed, pneumatic blow-forming tooling was designed by Impress at its Research Centre in Crosmières, France, to create the can's curves, which make it easy to grip and provide a strong presence on-shelf. Explains Impress, the container is shaped when a cylindrical can is placed in a mold, and compressed air is blown into the cylinder, causing it to take the shape of the mold.

High-quality print plus embossing

Fresh, fruit-themed graphics, created by Mountain Design, decorate the entire can body, which is offset-printed in six to seven colors, depending on syrup variety. To provide a high-quality feel, the Karvan Cévitam logo is embossed on the front of the can.

Easy dispensing and resealability are achieved with a Bericap screw cap and pourer crimped to the can's top.
-Anne Marie Mohan

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