Bulk filler improves cookie packaging

David’s Cookies, Fairfield, NJ, is a major supplier of frozen, preformed, unbaked cookies to a range of foodservice customers. Until late 2004, the company had been manually packing its frozen-dough cookies into 20-lb bags in boxes for shipment.

Pw 11121 Davids Cookies Bulk Fillin

The company knew that an automated bulk filling system could help increase packing efficiencies and enhance sanitation because there would be no manual handling of the frozen-dough cookies. Various options were evaluated before deciding on a combination checkweigher-bulk filler manufactured by Packaging Distributors, Inc. (PDI).

As Sam Zucker, plant manager at David’s Cookies explains, “We liked the all-stainless-steel, easy-washdown construction of the equipment. We also liked the compact design. The footprint is about 6’x4’, fitting easily into our line operations. PDI also customized an infeed conveyor to suit our needs.”

Zucker adds, “The system is easily programmed to monitor over- and under-weights. So we can minimize product giveaway. And we have been able to reduce pack line personnel by two people, re-assigning them elsewhere, which saves on packaging labor costs.”

—Judy Rice

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